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2 x Triax Compact Mini TV Link SKY SKY+ SKY HD Magic Eye F Input, 370228

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Product Description

Twin pack of brand new Triax TV Links suitable for extended remote control operation of Sky Digi boxes. This is the Triax version of the Sky magic eye with a miniature remote receiving eye and an F connector input.

This unit allows the remote control of a Sky Digi Box, Sky Plus Box or Sky HD Box  from another room in your home.

This is the Triax version of the TV LINK. The functionality of this unit is the same as the other versions, though it has a different construction.

The main unit has a flying coaxial lead for the output and an F connector socket for the input. This ensures a more solid connection and is the professionall installers choice of TV link.

Since the output is a short flylead it is advantageous for installations where there is limited space available. This TV Link is especially suitable for wall mounted flat panel televisions. The short coax lead also puts less strain on the aerial socket of the TV.

With the standard one piece version it has been known for accidents to occur and the aerial socket of the TV can get wrenched off! The flylead attached is also useful where the TV has a recessed aerial socket, the standard TV link may not fit in this instance.

The remote sensing eye on this version is particularly small. That makes  this unit a favourite for flat panel TV installations that are on the wall as you can hardly see the remote sensor. The remote sensor also has a double sided sticky pad fitted for easy mounting in a discreet place.The diameter of the infra red eye is a little less than the diameter of a 1p coin, refer to the photographs.

This unit works due to the clever TV Link feature fitted to all Sky digi boxes. At the rear of the receiver you will find an RFOUT2 connection. If you connect a long male to female coaxial cable to this connection and feed it to another room then you can you can connect the TV Link unit at the remote end of the cable. The TV Link connects in between the aerial plug on the cable and the aerial socket of your TV. You can then use the Sky remote you already have or an additional handset to change channels and fully operate the Sky box. This avoids you having to continually go through to the room where the Sky box is located to change channels or select playback on a Sky Plus box for example.

How does this work?............... The  TV Link unit effectively operates as an extended infra red receiver that is already fitted to the front of your digi box. The TV link sends the infra red commands form your Sky remote control back up the coaxial cable. These commands are received and actioned by the digi box. In order for the TV Link to operate it requires power and this is cleverly fed down the coaxial cable from the digi box internal power supply.

Please note the TV Link does not transmit any picture information. It works in conjunction with an existing cable that is connected between your digi box RFOUT2 and your television. It is important that a good quality digital coaxial cable is used.

Please note that this TV Link will only work directly with Sky digi boxes that have and RFOUT2 connection. If you are using a newer version of the Sky digi box then you will additionally have to purchase and IO Link. 

Warranty Information

1 Year

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